B2B Marketing

Marketing Management2

B2B Marketing B2B Marketing In the dynamic landscape of commerce, Business-to-Business (B2B) marketing holds a pivotal role in driving organizational success. This specialized program on B2B Marketing delves into the art of cultivating and leveraging B2B relationships. This program equips participants with strategic insights, customer-centric approaches, and market acumen to excel in B2B marketing.Completing this […]

Digital Marketing and Analytics

Marketing Management3

Digital Marketing and Analytics Digital Marketing and Analytics With the markets emerging after the pandemic, the marketing industry is undergoing a rapid change as it adapts to new technology, trends and tastes. We now see how the new generation understands and uses the social media marketing for generating new leads, interacting with clients and fostering […]

Brand Management

Marketing Management4

Brand Management Brand Management The program on Brand Management offers a comprehensive exploration of the strategies and methodologies that drive the creation and sustenance of powerful brands. Through analytical insights, strategic frameworks, and an understanding of market dynamics, this program equips participants with the technical prowess required to excel in the realm of brand marketing.By […]


Marketing Management5

e-CRM e-CRM In the digital realm, Electronic Customer Relationship Management (e-CRM) is pivotal for nurturing customer connections. Our specialized Management Development Program (MDP) on e-CRM delves into leveraging digital platforms for enhanced customer engagement. Through strategic insights and practical methods, this program empowers participants to excel in e-CRM, where technology meets customer interaction. On completion […]

Consumer Research

Marketing Management6

Consumer Research Consumer Research Peter Drucker said, ‘The aim of marketing is to know and understand the consumer so well, that the product or service sells itself.’ This principle inds embodiment through the practice of consumer research, materializing as the discipline of market research. For numerous enterprises, market research stands as the cornerstone of effective […]

Key Accounts Management

Marketing Management1

Key Accounts Management Key Accounts Management Key accounts refer to esteemed clients or enterprises that an organization oversees, yielding substantial profits through sustained and consistent business engagements over time. Exploring strategies and models to nurture such accounts and instill added value for the sake of fostering enduring business relationships becomes pivotal. This program undertakes a […]

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