Impactful Partnerships

At Sri Balaji University, Pune, we extend a warm welcome to all our collaborators and partners who have been instrumental in shaping the landscape of education and innovation. We believe that partnerships and collaborations are the bedrock of progress and transformation. In this section, we are delighted to share our significant collaborations and the profound impact they have had on our academic journey.


Sri BUILD’s Partners

Our Management Development Programs (MDP) Department has been establishing enriching partnerships with industry leaders and innovative startups, enhancing the quality of our MDPs and creating extraordinary opportunities for the learners


Dominion Phillips Consulting: We collaborated with Dominion Phillips Consulting on the "Samwad: The Art of Conversations" MDP. This engaging program focused on the art of conversations, equipping our learners with the skills for effective and meaningful communication.

Yung Minds: In partnership with Yung Minds, we had embarked on an exciting MDP dedicated to Employer Branding. The MDP on Employer Branding equipped participants with the knowledge and skills needed to create and manage a compelling employer brand that attracts top talent, retains employees, and positively impacts the organization's success.

University Collaborations

Beyond the MDP Department, Sri Balaji University, Pune has established remarkable partnerships with various organizations, creating an environment of growth and innovation.


Telecom Sector Skill Council

dec. 20, 2023

HQ Southern Command, Indian Army

sept. 15, 2023

COEP’s Bhau Institute

july 22, 2023


June 23, 2023

PCMC Smart City

march 23, 2023


sept. 18, 2022

ARaymond India PVT LTD

sept. 09, 2022


july 29, 2022

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