Organizational Effectiveness Through Transactional Analysis Intervention

“In the business world, selling is often perceived as a transactional process centered solely on exchanging goods or services for money. However, a more profound understanding of selling reveals that it is intricately tied to establishing and nurturing relationships. Transactional Analysis interventions, a powerful psychological approach, offer valuable insights and techniques to enhance the selling process by focusing on the dynamics of human interactions. By delving into the realms of communication, empathy, and rapport building, transactional analysis interventions empower sales professionals to cultivate meaningful connections with their customers, leading to increased trust, loyalty, and ultimately, successful sales outcomes.  

This two days program will explore the fundamental principles of selling as the function of relationships, and delve into the transformative potential of transactional analysis interventions in optimizing sales performance. 

Program is for:
       1. Individuals working in teams and organizations 
       2. Professionals in community and service-based sectors

What is included in the fees: 

Course Material
Breakfast + Lunch + Tea & snacks
Facilitator cost”

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Date And Time

2024-01-05 to 2024-01-06
09:00 AM to 05:30 PM

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